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Custom Gym/Team Planners (Subscription)

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These ultimate all-in-one planners have all you need to succeed this season! Manage your time better, stay on top of important dates, and track your team's progress throughout the season. 

This subscription gives you custom planners & allows for unlimited planner downloads for all coaches at your gym - all year long. You'll also get stickers for the digital planners.


You get access to the planners for 12 months, regardless of when you join. If your subscription extends beyond May 2024 (when the current planners expire), you'll receive the next season's planners automatically.

  • The digital planner has a clickable index page and tabs, so you can easily navigate between sections. You can write, draw, highlight, etc. using your favorite app like Goodnotes or Notability for IOS/Mac or PDFelement, Metamoji Note or Noteledge for Android/PC.

You will receive your custom planners within 7 days of ordering.

See more specific product information below.

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About the planners

What's inside


Calendars & planning section 

  • Season overview (Dated planners = May 2023-May 2024. Undated = blank)
  • Monthly calendars (Dated planners = May 2023-May 2024. Undated = blank)
  • Weekly & daily calendars
  • Practice planner
  • Private lesson planner
  • Monthly skill plan
  • Guide: how to plan your season & set goals
  • Important dates
  • Month, competition & season review
  • Season goals
  • To do list & packing list
  • Competition countdown
  • & more

Team information section

  • Attendance tracker
  • Athlete, parent & gym staff information
  • Team rules & expectations
  • Team budget & order history
  • Excused dates
  • Team uniform, practice wear & shoe sizes
  • & more

Routine & skills section

  • 8-count sheets (2 types)
  • Mat templates for formations
  • Maximizing your scores
  • Routine & stunt group hit rates
  • Stunt & skill progression
  • Flyer flexibility checklist
  • Themed routine planner
  • Skill legality check
  • Tips: building athlete confidence
  • & more

Score sheets & results section

  • Competition results
  • Tryout scores
  • Note pages (blank, lined & grid)
  • & more

Download instructions

1. Within 7 days from your purchase, you will receive an email containing your custom files (titled "Custom planner delivery").

2. Open the email & download the files to your computer or mobile device.

3. Print out the pages of the printable planner that you need. You can print the entire planner or just the pages that you need.

4. Open the digital planner using an app such as GoodNotes (free) or Notability. If you don't have an app, you can use your device's PDF reader, but it may have limited features for adding text, drawing, etc.

5. Click on the planner's tabs, add any text, stickers, drawings, duplicate pages, and customize your planner the way you want.

6. Share the files with all your coaches & have an amazing season!

Planner sizes

Printable planners are available in the following sizes:

  • A4 = 8.3 x 11.7 inches / 210x297 mm
  • U.S. Letter = 8.5 x 11 inches / 216x279 mm

Digital planners are all the same size.

Terms & refunds

Subscriptions: You can typically not cancel your subscription* before 12 months (i.e. a whole season) have passed. After that, it will be canceled automatically.

You can't share or sell any part of this product with anyone else. It's only for your personal use.

These are downloadable, printable & digital planners - meaning no product will be shipped to you.

Because of this, we can not always offer refunds. *Read more & learn about your options:
Refund policy